Domestic Appliance Services
We at NadTech Electrical Services are specialized in servicing, repairing and installations on all domestic appliances including:

- Washing Machines and Washer Dryers
- Tumble Dryers
- Diswashers
- Electric Cookers, Ovens, Hobs and Microwaves
- Extractor Hoods
- Coffee Machines and Food Processors
- Lawn Mowers
- Pressure Washers
- Vacuum Cleaners

We cover all makes and modells and use original manufacturer's spare parts.
With fixed diagnostic and labour charges and competitive prices on spares you can be sure there will be no surprises when using NadTech Electrical Services.
But just to give you peace of mind we offer a warranty on all of our repairs.
When experiencing difficulties with your home appliances there are always some checks that you the user can carry out.
See below for some of the most common faults with these machines, and couple of easy steps to identify and possibly solve the problem:

Water leaking from the appliance
No or sluggish spin in washers and dryers or dishwasher not starting the cycle
Machine not draining
Excessive vibration during spin
Appliance completely dead

Water leaking from the appliance

-   Check inlet and drain hoses at the back of the machine, see if they are loose they have any holes or tears on them
-   Check if drain filter (usually at the front of the machine) is intact, empty and clean from debris, then close and tighten (remember to put a bucket or cloth under the machine when opening the filter as not pumped out water will pour out onto the floor)
-   Check if door can close properly, see door seal for any tears, holes or loose sides.
-   Check soap dispenser (if external), unblock and clean and make sure it is intact and in place before trying to use the machine again.
-   When there are several appliances next to each other or next to a sink always try to distinguish where the water is coming from.
-   Even though there is water underneath one of the machines it might easily come from the back of the other appliance or from the connection at the kitchen sink

No or sluggish spin in washers and dryers or dishwasher not starting the cycle

-   See if there is power to the machine
-   Check if the door is closed properly (make sure you hear the door lock "click" when you push on the door)
-   Check if there is water supply to the machine (most machines won't start at all if there is no incoming water)

Machine not draining

-   Check drain filter for blockages (be careful, there might be sharp objects stuck, or even broken glass in case of a dishwasher)
-   Try the drain cycle with the discharge hose disconnected from the drain pipe and put into a bucket. If it lets the water out then there is a problem with the piping beyond the machine. In this case call a plumber to investigate further (always remember to be prepared with extra buckets and cloths when testing the appliance disconnected from the wall)

Excessive vibration during spin

-   Check if the machine is leveled properly, see legs for damage
-   Check if the surface under the appliance is solid and stable (weakened wooden flooring or an uneven concrete surface underneath will shorten the life of your home appliances)
-   Check if transport bolts have been removed from the machine
(see the user manual provided by the retailer of your appliance for the instructions on how to remove these safety bolts)
-   See user manual for loading tips and capacity of the machine
(overloading or not putting enough clothing into the appliance can be both an issue)

Appliance completely dead

-   Check power supply. Change fuse in the plug or try connecting machine to a different socket. See power cord for any damages
(remember to always turn the main switch off before checking any electrical connections!)
-   Check if the water taps are on (most appliances won't start at all if they sense that there is no water supply)

After you have done your own diagnostic and found that the machine needs repair by a qualified appliance techician please don't hesitate calling NadTech Electrical Services on +44 759 765 3868 or booking a service online.